Top-secret missions. Cool gadgets. Hidden identities. The appeal of the spy is hard for kids to resist. This holiday season you can get your spy-in-training the key gear with these cool gadgets from Spy Gear.

Spike Mic Launcher

Whether it’s what your older brother is saying on the phone or what mom and dad are talking about in the living room, the Spike Mic Launcher lets any spy-in-training hear what’s going on without being detected. The handheld device fires off a mic-ed up remote listening dart that comes with two interchangeable tips – a suction cup tip and sticky dart tip – allowing you to stick it on walls to catch conversations or launch it into rooms or hallways to pick up juicy details – like what mom is making for dessert. (Buy here.)

 Panosphere 360 Spy Cam

Hearing is great, but when you need to see what’s going on then spies-in-training rely on the Panosphere 360 Spy Cam, a unique video recorder that allows you to capture 360° of action in video and photos. Adaptable to every spy mission, the Panosphere can be stuck to a wall, slid into a room, even strapped onto a remote control car, skateboard or bike helmet. The spy cam comes with 2 gigabytes of storage that lets your spy take up to 2000 photos or 10 minutes of video. Once you’ve captured your data, use included USB cable to upload your footage to the Spy Gear video software to view, edit and post your findings to your spy network. (Buy here)

Sonic Distractors

When your stealth isn’t enough to get you out of a sticky situation, you can reply on this 2-pack of Sonic Distractors to throw your opponent off your trail. Spies-in-training can chose from 8 different sounds like an alarm, barking dog or bird that go off with a time-delay allowing you time to get into position or out of the room before it goes off. An included belt clips lets you keep your sonic distractors close at hand and ready for whatever lies around that corner. (Buy here.)

Happy spying!

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