chow_image.jpgOne of my favorite pre-kid weekend activities was grabbing a cup of coffee, lounging on the couch and watching an episode of House Beautiful on a lazy Saturday morning. I got such a thrill out of seeing the clean lines and innovative, stylish homes. I drooled over all the beautiful items they showcased each week that my home seemed to demand.
Well, after children, I still get my copy of Dwell and try to keep my house as orderly as possible. And yes, I still prefer clean, simple, beautiful pieces for holding toys and the other various items I step over each day. But when it came to the nursery, I had trouble finding items that fit my aesthetic. Everything seemed to be too cutesy-cutesy. Now parents who have an eye for design won’t have that problem, because Skip Hop has come to the rescue.
Skip Hop has a chic and contemporary new line of items to hold all the sundry items you and your little ones need. Fusing innovative styling with practicality, Skip Hop’s new line will delight the urban mama in you.
The Chow – Check out this forward-thinking take on storing your little pumpkin’s jars of food. Perfect for the pantry and it won’t have you sorting through stacks of jars to find the greenbeans.
The Splash – Oooh, great design and having junior’s bottles off the icky counter—what more can we ask for?
toolbox_trio.jpgThe Toolbox – Possibly my favorite of Skip Hop’s innovations. It is the cleanest solution to holding everything you need for a diaper changing (which as we know, can be the most unstylish thing we do all day). Pre-order your Toolbox at Amazon. They hit shelves early November.

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