flo.jpgHello, Flo. Modern, chic and sophisticated Flo. Flo has style. Flo enjoys a little bubbly. Safety may be her middle name, but Flo relishes fun in the tub.
Flo is a recent creation from Boon–innovations for modern parents. Flo introduces a child-friendly, safe tub faucet, but remains sleek and contemporary enough for a sophisitcated parent.
Parents love her for her style. The kids love her for her fun. The minute I clipped her on to the faucet, they completely forgot about their beloved duck (who threatened mold from the start and spouted water every-which-way.) Flo, a water deflector and protective faucet cover, allows for a steady flow of water–creating a waterfall for the child to rinse her hair (which we love so much more than a pitcher of water over the head.) The soft material on the front helps to prevent injury, and that sexy green part? A bubble dispenser–allowing the kids to mix the bubbles in with the flow of water while filling the tub.
bathtoy.jpgWe know you’re checking her out. Consider her cousins as well: Bath Goods: Designer Toys and Scrubbies. A collection of toys and tools, they don’t just make bathtime fun, but they’re useful and clean–their materials won’t absorb water–preventing mold and mildew.
We know you want her. You can now get Flo and family at her parents’ store, Boon.


  1. Oooh. I want all of these. Thanks Julie. Think I can call them hanukah presents for Fox?

  2. The kids love it all… definitely a Hannukah present. Gift it with a bottle of bubbles and you're so set!

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