For the past few months, I’ve invested in a few workbooks. Really, there are too many to choose from and most are so similar it doesn’t matter which you get because once you’re past the cover, you’re dealing with the same stuff. Still, when Brain Quest’s series hit my supermarket aisle I was curious. This is the company that provides hours of age-appropriate trivial learning on car trips and in my classrooms. Could they have made a more unique workbook?
After placing the Kindergarten and Pre-K books in they kids’ activity baskets and letting them play for a few weeks, I noticed my 5-year-old’s book is further complete than any of the others. He told me he likes it better because the games are more fun; there are more mazes and coloring opportunities.
Its also organized better than many. Color-coded into “chapters”, the book is divided by subject so if he’s in a Science mood, he can work on science pages (where, recently, we learned about food groups.) Today he worked on a page that followed a vine of nines in the math section and then flipped to find the Time area where we talked about the big hand and little hand, what they tell you, and he then colored the numbers and we discussed the numbers on the clock. He’s a reader, so I don’t have to stand over him reading the instructions, and the instructions are simple enough that children learn to follow them–a key Kindergarten skill.
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