So said my 5 year old last weekend on our drive to DC. I’d picked him up at school with lunch packed and, after strapping into his Marathon, I strapped the Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray on as well. And he quickly unpacked his lunch and spread it out infront of him, a la the lunch table at school. There were no spills, no drops, and no frustrations of not being able to reach. Following a neat clean-up back into the lunch bag, he took out his colored pencils and an activity book from the side holders and was distracted for a good part of our 2.5 hour trip.
The Snack & Play Travel Tray has 2 adjustable strap buckles for easy connection on either side of a car seat or stroller. Its made from an impact-collapsing foam so that, incase of an impact, it won’t jab into the child, rather acts as more of a cushion. The tray doesn’t lay completely flat, but it was certainly flat enough for my son to color his pictures.
With several road trips still to come, I now find that I need a 2nd Snack & Play Travel Tray so that my 3 year old can have just an easy and enjoyable ride.
Use code momstyletray for 20% off the entire order at Family Travel Gear. The coupon is valid from 02/16/2009 to 02/28/2009.


  1. Also works well on airplanes!

  2. This looks like a must have for road trips!

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