The latest product I’ve been testing from MomAgenda is the Kitchen Folio. I love it. This is just the sort of thing I needed in my kitchen. As I’ve shared with you all before, I’m totally disorganized. And my kitchen bears the brunt of it. There are always papers flying all over the place, and although I try and stick important papers and items in various folders, I can never seem to find anything I need in those time-sensitive moments.
The Kitchen Folio arrived and I already love the clean-up it’s encouraged. The best way to describe it is that it’s a business portfolio for Moms. The outside is a faux-lizard print in hot pink. Inside, clear plastic slip in pages allow you to save everything you’d need at a moment’s notice. There are tabs on all of the pages to help keep everything categorized if you should so choose.
But here’s what I have going in there so far which I love: a preschool fall schedule; a class list with phone numbers from last year (will insert the latest school year’s information when it comes) and some personal information with important phone numbers to us. MomAgenda also provides some free downloads for it – forms you can print out and fill out as suggestions to also put into your Folio. (Family Medical Info and Babysitter’s information are two examples.)
I love it because it’s a space saver, and I love it because it consolidates and keeps it all in one spot. Julie has a few too and I know she was just telling me recently that she plans on having one on every floor of her house! Which is an idea I may have to steal. For now, I keep the one in my kitchen.
You can buy it on the MomAgenda site for $29.95, or if you can wait a bit, at Precious Personalities for 20% off – click through the link for the discounted rate, but it won’t be shipping for 3-4 weeks there.

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