After much anticipation (You were on the edges of your seats, weren’t you all?), I give you the new Mommies with Style look! Ta-da!

Laura Jane Designs is the rockstar behind the new look and I love it! I hope you guys love it as much as I do! I’m going to be working out kinks, adding in widgets, doing little tweaks here and there for the next few days so if I’m missing some obvious feature, please let me know.

I gotta tell you guys, it’s been a heck of a couple of weeks between Spring Break in Orlando – fun but not what you’d call “relaxing” –  doing this redesign and planning for next week’s Mom Mixer in Philly (150 Mom bloggers), I’ve barely slept! It’s all exciting and all fun though so I hope that later this month will allow me to have a little more time to just kick back and relax.


  1. Love the new look(although loved the old look too). However, this is new, fresh, crisp. . so far no suggestions to contribute- think it’s pretty good as is. And your Mom Mixer sounds like it will be ‘a good time is had by all’ event, knowing your excellence in planning and execution of such events! Have a grand time.

  2. hello worldl, i am new herer

  3. The new look is lovely! Congrats!

  4. Love the new design! Get some sleep girl! 😉

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