My son’s new favorite DVD stars none other than himself. We just received Me Movies’ “Bee’s Costume Party,” and, since receiving it, I can’t even tell you how many times we have watched it. It is my son’s most requested movie and he can watch it over and over again. You just send your child’s name and a headshot of him/her to Me Movies and they create and send back an adorable 30 minute animated movie featuring your child. My son loves to watch himself in the movie and see all the things that he does. When he is not watching it, he is talking about all the things he did in the movie. He talks about riding in his sneaker car and hiding in the tree house. At then end there is a scene where the characters are dancing and my son does all the moves along with his “movie self.”
Me Movies makes a toddler version and a baby version. The cost of the DVD is $29.95. You can order online at

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