Leaving the house with my baby and three older kids is never simple. I have a list of things that I must say out loud before I even get out the door. Wallet? Diapers? Wipes? Prefferred Customer cards for drugstore/supermarket/ice cream (etc) places? Baby food? Sweaters all around? The list goes on and on but I won’t bore you.
It’s really a miracle I ever leave home. And annoying how often I get to where I was going and discover that I actually left my checkbook in another bag, or that I don’t have a changing pad with me after all. Fail!
Mommy On The Go bags minimize these parenting fails for me. They are a little like having a personal assistant because they are so uber organized and practical. Everything has a place and you can tell at a glance that you have it all.
The thing that is most notable about these bags is that they come with a detachable organizer purse/wallet. This is the first diaper bag I have ever seen to offer this functionality! Not just a mini purse for mom, this is a full on organizer with slots for many credit/gift etc cards. This little bag would be excellent on it’s own but the fact that it attaches securely to the diaper bag is brilliant. Check out this video demonstrating how the zip off organizer purse works.

Also quite clever is the self contained changing kit. The changing pad folds up into a little clutch that contains the wipes and diapers and lotion. Load this up and you can see you have all you need. It’s also smart because you can pull out just the clutch and make a quick dash to change baby without having to dig around in your bag looking for that diaper.
The bag itself is spacious. There is plenty of room for toys and a spare sweater, change of clothing and/or lightweight blanket. Bottle holders on the sides keep your and your baby’s beverages contained. The lining is light and bright so you can always see what you have inside. It’s comfy to wear either in backpack mode or as a messenger. The quick to clip backpack straps make it super easy to attach the bag to the stroller. Straps are removeable if you want to keep it in one mode or the other.
Usually I would expect a bag this utilitarian to be a little…um… ugly. Not so with the Mommy On The Go Bag! The Mommy On The Go Bags are super cute! Check out the utterly adorable Kokeshi Print on the Penelope Bag! It goes really well with my olive green Quinny Buzz 4 Stroller, but I am sure it would match almost any color stroller, as there are so many colors in this print. But if you are looking for a different color/pattern, fear not. There are several addition prints available on the Mommy On The Go Bag website.
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  1. I’m seriously so excited about this diaper bag! I have the Eco Bag which is made from recycled soda bottles. It appealed to the “inner hippie” in me. It has a ton of storage space & organizational pockets. As an active Mommie, I especially love the detatchable purse & am always (as you can tell) very excited to find ultra functional items that are also ultra chic.

  2. I just bought this bag. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a diaper bag. It is so made for the working and the busy moms everywhere. As a working mom I love the detachable purse. I load the wallet/purse with all my stuff and zip it to the diaper bag when I’m with my baby and zip it off when I’m off to work. I will never buy another diaper bag.

  3. Claudia Coelho says

    This is the easiest and most versetile bag I’ve ever purchased. It has everything I need. It’s light weight and it really keeps me organized with all it’s compartments and pockets. I never have to search for anything. Everything has it’s place. I have the black bag made from recylced material. I’ve received many compliments on in. Even my husband likes it.

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