Here’s a mommy invention that is literally a lightbulb moment. It’s called the babeebright and it’s about to shed a little light on your life. Just a little though, because sometimes less is more.
mbh_lights.jpg Like at 4 am when you want to check on your baby but don’t want to wake him. Or at midnight, when you sneak in to do that late night feeding but want to keep her mostly asleep, so hopefully you will sleep.
This smart little light clips onto your clothes and lets you see where you are going, sheds enough light to change a diaper or check on your child, but not so much that it wakes the whole house. It has an automatic shut off feature to preserve battery life. The shut off time is set to seven minutes so it serves as a built in timer when you are breastfeeding, telling you when it is time to switch sides.
Once you have this light, you will want more. The uses are nearly endless – illuminate the contents of your diaper bag, clip it on your stroller for greater nighttime visibility, and keep it on your bedstand for nighttime reading – don’t worry, when you fall asleep after one page, it will shut off!
This is a perfect diaper bag stuffer for a shower gift and a thoughtful extra “something” for a new mom. Mommies With Style mention this article in the comments and get free shipping when you order your Babeebright from Mom4Life.

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