The following is a post from guest writer, Shelly Gill. Shelly is an MFA student at Rosemont College, with a concentration in Poetry. She lives in suburban Philadelphia, with her husband, adored four year old and feisty cat.

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Every woman wants to look beautiful but, of course, there are days when we feel “blah” due to endless carpools and sleepless nights. Fortunately we don’t have to give up our outward appearance because of our demanding lives. As the mother of an overly active 4-year old I juggle family, graduate school and part time career. I hardly find time to brush my teeth, let alone apply make-up. Here are some simple tricks I use to transform my dull complexion to glowing.

Here are the following items every mom should have in her make-up bag:

Clinique offers a wide variety of non-irritating, fragrance free options for every skin type. My all-time favorite is Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, which is oil free, so it won’t cause break-outs, while it softens skin and preps for make-up without feeling greasy or heavy. Check out Clinique for a free customized skin care consultation.

Whether you were up all night with a sick child or simply indulged in too many glasses of Chardonnay, try dabbing a small amount of concealer next to the outer corner of the eyes and blend to look rested and refreshed

Evens out the skin tone while absorbing oil.

A few quick sweeps of Expert Wear Stay-True Bronzer, by Maybelline, provides
a healthy summer glow in the midst of hot chocolate, sleds and snowball fights. Be sure to check out all the fade-free colors at Maybelline.

Two thin coats to the upper and lower lashes is all it takes to accentuate eyes and avoid clumping

Lip Gloss
Apply Burts Bees lip simmers and gloss to avoid feeling dry. All of their products are 100% natural, no animal testing, and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about wearing them. They nourish and moisturize the lips while adding a natural shine and glow.

These steps are quick, easy, and as we know, less time getting ready equals more time for endless adventure, while looking and feeling our best . . . what more can a busy mom ask for?


  1. Terry Milman says

    Fun reading and good advise. Thanks for the info!!

  2. Holly Ahart says

    Love the post and so true! I have a 2 month old baby and have had to buy concealer for the first time in my life. I’d look like a zombie off the Thriller video if it weren’t for the miracle of makeup! Thanks for the good tips!

  3. Not too long ago, I didn’t give a lot of thought to giving comments on site page articles and have placed comments even less. Reading through your nice posting, will help me to do so sometimes.

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