Women.  We are so stinking hard on ourselves all the time.  Our own worst critics. My neighbor and I discuss this regularly. Like, why are we so accepting, forgiving and encouraging to other women but the hardest in ourselves? It’s so unfortunate that it has to be that way so much of the time.

I feel like we’re even worse sometimes as Moms. Am I doing the right thing for my child by doing xyz. I should have done *this* instead of *that* for them.  Often beating ourselves up for not being the perfect Mom.

This Mother’s Day, let’s all try our hardest to focus a little more on the positive – on the fact that we’re all doing our best and that we’re all rock star Moms in our own ways.

I love this campaign from Johnson’s Baby who wants to tell all Moms that they are doing OK! Check out this quick one-minute video below.

For every view of the You’re Doing OK, Mom video {below} between now and Mother’s Day, JOHNSON’s Baby will donate $1 to Save the Children® up to $50,000.  Watch and smile – so sweet!

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