momspit.jpg This one falls in the so gross it’s great category. After all the recent reports about how alcohol based hand sanitizers are not especially safe to have around little ones, I stopped carrying them. But there are times when you are out and about, at the playground for instance, and your little cutie comes clambering up to you with mystery muck all over their cute little digits. Not a sink in sight. That is when some Momspit is called for.
And by that, I do not mean you should actually spit on your child. That would be disgusting. Momspit in a bottle is not. Even though the slightly foamy formula looks a little bit like the real thing I assure you it is not. It’s clean. It cleanses without any need for a rinse. And it smells fresh. And it is gentle – gentle enough to even use on your child’s face. Which you’ll give a cheer about if you have a kid with a penchant for chocolate ice cream or ketchcup with everything.
We tried Momspit on our kids, ourselves and the kids of several friends. It did at least as well as actual spit when it came to dirt removal sans soap and water. It leaves a slightly sticky feeling initially, but we found that this faded after a few minutes, leaving skin feeling moisturized. It also did not irritate my kids’ sensitive skin. I would never use an alcohol based hand sanitizer on my kids’ faces.
While I don’t think that Momspit kills as many germs as hand sanitizer does, it does have anti bacterial properties, (according to the site) and it does get the grunge off. Which is a great thing when you are far from soap and water.
Momspit comes in handy purse sized dispensers and three scent versions: Fig and Green Tea, Lemon and White Tea and Unscented. Check the website for where to purchase.

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