A couple more hot ones for the season that I’ve either seen or taken note of include:
Arctic Tale (done by the same folks who did March for the Penguins), which is along the same lines as the all-play family movie as it’s a documentary. It’s narrated by Queen Latifah and it follows the lives of a polar bear and a walrus in the arctic. It may be a little slow for the under-5 crowd but it has it’s compelling moments even for them and it’s definitely educational.
Randomly, I got Stardust. I had read the book awhile back so I should have known it wasn’t “family” as it’s labeled. Nonetheless, it’s a totally entertaining movie that’s fun for the over 13 crowd (adults too) that I thought worthy of a mention as my husband and I were definitely entertained. (And it’s one of those movies that’s actually not half-bad when compared to the book). It has a good cast which includes Michelle Pfeffier, Robert DeNiro, Claire Danes and Sienna Miller.
So another one is MeerKat Manor. I started Tivoing it recently in preperation of the whole writers’ strike/lack of new TV shows for my husband and I. We’ve only watched one episode but I’m already hooked – the documentary/series follows a family of meerkats in South Africa. They all have names. It’s a good show for all ages and makes a good Christmas gift.
If you order off Amazon, today’s the last day to get it in time – select one-day shipping to receive in time.

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