We get a lot of tattoo samples at Mommies with Style and so far Tattoos with a Purpose’s Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos work best for our family. Available in many styles (like dinosuaur, butterlfy and school bus) these tattos are not preprinted with a phone number. Instead, after applying the tattoo, use the included marker to write the day’s emergency number, there’s no need to order multiple packs iwth your cell, his cell, Grandma’s cell, etc. They’re available for only $9.99 per kit which includes 6 tattoos, 6 wipes for applying, 6 alcohol wipes for removing and a marker.
I didn’t need Nozin on my last flight, but I’m guessing that with the number of sneezes, sniffles and used tissues I went through, the other travelers were wishing they had it. Who wants to catch a cold on the way to Mexico? Nozin is not a nasal spray, but is applied very simply witha moistened swab. Apply it to the inside tip of the nose to fight germs as a barrier to entrance. A great product to apply before a flight, trainride or, lately, a day at school.
My kids were SO excited to bring along their very own cameras on our vacation, and so were we. I had just gotten a brand new digital and didn’t want their hands all over it the 2nd week of ownership. So we gave each of the boys a Kodak Sport Single Use Camera, figuring they’re totally indestructable and, as a bonus, can go in the pool with them. The boys carried them everywhere throughout the resort. They loved shooting silly pictures and experimenting underwater. And my special bonus: NEVER did I receive a request to hand over my new camera.

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