My second day at ABC kids was an exciting one. I toured Quinny/Maxi Cosi and learned of their exciting updates and checked out the Peg Perego line as well. Pliko fans will be excited about their new offering…
I noted three trends at ABC kids.
1. Color! RIP boring blues and tans! Color is here and it’s huge. Never before have I seen so many exciting patterns and colors and designer touches adorning baby gear. This is due in part to widespread designer involvement. So many products are banking on famous artists and designers to draw parents to their products. It’s a smart bet. Parents (and kids) want to express their style. Personalizing your stroller, highchair or carseat is going from novelty to necessity.
2. Eco! Practically everyone at this show has an “eco” line. Bamboo, soy, recycled/upcycled items, pvc free, BPA free etc. Leaders like Fleurville have been at this for a while. Others like Kickypants are basing their whole biz on eco friendly products, Its a great thing to see happening, however the moment some companies are scrambling to hop on the bandwagon with anything green. I’m expecting to see these offerings mature and expand into something fabulous by next year.
3. Luxe is going strong. Even in a tough economy, high end products for kids still sell. And there are a lot of them to drool over here. Pass me the designer burp cloth,
Don’t miss the last picture in this slide show.. If you click through to the FLickr link you will see it’s actually a little video demonstrating a stroller by 4 moms , that folds and unfolds all by itself!


  1. I would buy that puppy backpack (3rd picture) in a second. Love it.

  2. Ciaran,
    I don’t know how you leave there every day without most of that stuff shoved up your shirt! ha ha
    I tried to look up that ecobike but can’t seem to find any info about it. Do you know anything about it?
    Have you seen any fabulous new doubles?

  3. Kristen Leclair says

    Can you please tell the me the maker and website of the self folding stroller? It looks really neat!!! Thanks!

  4. Nice job! It’s almost like I got to go myself. 🙂

  5. Ecobikes are bikes with electric assist. Karen asked for information. We have an ebike shop in Milwaukie, OR and ship nationwide. Our website is You can get more information and give us a call or email if you have questions.

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