Friday morning, I met up with my good friend Colleen and her kids to tour the brand new 77Kids store in King of Prussia Mall here outside of Philadelphia.  (You may remember that I was a part of 77Kids national Do Go Day last summer)  Owned by American Eagle, 77Kids is a new store and line for your children.  Their clothes are edgy and hip.

I can say this as a Mom of boys – boys clothes are tough to shop for.  I long ago stopped staring wistfully at the racks of cute girl clothes. And the variety!  You Moms of girls have it made.  But boy clothes can be tough.  I see the same themes over and over again.  And while I’m a pretty laid back Mom when it comes to my boys clothes, and they certainly don’t care what I put them in, I still get excited when I see a great line of clothes for boys.

I had that excitement when I entered 77Kids.  Adorable styles for boys (hooray!) and of course great clothes for girls too.

On top of that, the shopping experience is interactive.  Every time you visit 77Kids with your child, your child will get to pick out a prize.

They can see how they look with the different outfits via a touch-screen interactive experience.  Here’s Colleen’s daughter playing:

If you’re lucky enough to have a 77Kids near you, be sure to check out the store – the in-store experience is beyond that of your usual children’s clothing store.  And if you don’t have a store near you, you can always shop online at


  1. What size does the store start at? Looking forward to checking it out!

  2. Jen – infant! They have a section in the back that’s 0-18 months. Then there’s a toddler to size 4/5 section then big kids…

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