Here’s a great place to shop this holiday season: They specialize in selling unique and hard-to-find toys here in the States. I hadn’t seen any of their toys before; most of them come from Europe that are for the most part, sound-free and different toys that encourage imaginative play.
One of Nate’s (4 years) latest interests is marbles and marble runs. So we checked out the Cuboro line from Made in Switzerland, it’s made up of heavy wooden blocks that provide ramps and holes for your kids to run the marbles through. They can get creative and there are endless possibilities with this toy.
Love it because it’s solid, wooden and has so many options. I thought I’d try something new here too – this toy is so popular and I found it all over YouTube, so I’m including a little video where you guys can see how it’s used. It’s really just so neat. My only complaint is that it’s so enticing, it’s been a battle to keep the baby away from it! This is definitely a toy that’ll last a lifetime.
This Boyongolo marble run is pretty cool too if you aren’t looking for heavy wood – it’s made of plastic, colorful and fun. It remindes me a little of Legos, but only with the added feature of being a marble rub. It’s a bit more affordable than the Cuboro and still a very complete set.
Check out’s entire line of various toys — I daresay you wouldn’t find any of these toys in the aisles at Toys R Us. Use coupon code “mommies with style” in the “additional instructions” section at checkout and receive 10% back after purchase.

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