Its a dream to many, but I love the quiet time that I get when my kids use “quiet toys.” It took a while to find the “right toys:” Toys that would engage for an extended period, were quiet and didn’t require batteries, didn’t involve the click of a mouse or remote, and, most important as I’m working my way through the end of an awesome book, didn’t drive my boys to yell out “Mooooommmm! I need heeelllppp!” after a mere 3 minutes of play time.
Slowly, though, I’ve found a few of those magical toys. Zoomorphs by River Dophin Toys engages children from the minute they open the box. Available in 9 themes, each Zoomorph collection includes several animal body-part pieces. Together, they’ll form known creatures like farm animals, safari animals and insects. But taken apart, kids are enlightened by the many body parts that spread out infront of them. This is where the creativity begins.My four-year-old recently created a “mega-dino-froggy-bird” which later morphed into a “butter-lizard-frog” and made its way into my room, finally, as a “stega-phant-fly.”
Zoomorph pieces join not with magnets (which concern me with little ones playing around the home) but with a simple “peg and hole.” Rubber pegs are inserted into the holes at “joints” allowing for movement of the mixture of body parts. The pegs slip in easily, so that its not a challenge for little hands. And the size of the pieces are small enough to fit into those tiny hands, though not so small they’ll easily be lost, a common complaint we have with some of our other piece-toys.
Around here, everyone enjoys Zoomorphs. During a recent in-law visit, Pop-pop laid down on the floor with my 4-year-old for probably an hour of creation. And the kids love to bring Zoomorphs with them. We have the Deluxe Kit, a larger collection of Zoomorphs than a regular kit, allowing for more creative morphing. It also comes in a plastic container, which will fit all of the collections as your child collects Zoomorphs. This kit comes upstairs, downstairs, outside and on roadtrips. Its so simple to clean and put away, that its wonderful for a hotel room or a trip to the grandparents.
A great gift for a friend, Zoomorphs start at $16 for a regular set to $50 for the Deluxe set.

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