Oceanblue_chocolate.jpg I have a little checklist of points, that helps me when I write diaper bag reviews. I’ve memorized it. And the minute I unwrap a bag, I’m already holding my breath as I tick items off my list. Exterior Appearance? Check. Pockets? Check. I’m pretty demanding, like an Olympic Figure Skating Judge. What’s this, I might question? Cheap hardware? Oooh. Too bad. That will be a three point deduction. And the list goes on – How about a key clip? Check. Washable Non-Black Lining? Check. Ok, Ok, but how about this – is this bag going to even attempt to have feet? Hold on… Check.
For me, searching for the bag that manages to pull off all these stunts (and more!) is a breathtaking, heart pounding experience. Like an elusive perfect score, it has long seemed like this fully functional, ideally designed bag does not exist. But I’m here to tell you that there is at least one bag out there with the ability to nail it.
Born Out Of Necessity Bags have left nothing unchecked on my list. They have executed every trick and stitch with tasteful panache. And, quite shockingly, they have done so at a price that will not leave you happy to settle for second best in an inferior bag. Clearly these bags were designed by a real life diaper bag toting mom who shares our quest.
I spoke at length with one of the owners of Born Out Of Necessity and she really impressed me with her careful consideration. This high quality leather bag was not slapped together in an attempt to jump on the premium bag bandwagon. It was researched for years. And it shows. They were so thorough that they thought of things I never even noticed. For instance, I have never much been a fan of structured totes. But all that changed in one instant, at Old Navy. I was standing at the checkout with a crying toddler on my hip. Normally I would have had to set his royal-screaming-highness down to hunt through my floppy bag-du-jour for my wallet. Not this time. I set the tote on the counter, sturdily on its leather feet. I did not even have to say “Open Sesame” – It opened wide enough for me to see the contents and quickly retrieve the wallet with one hand. Note: There is also a zip that closes the bag thus avoiding wardrobe malfunction during tricky maneuvers. Suddenly I was seeing structured totes in a whole new light – and loving the sexy and comfortable hourglass shape of this bag.
The list of added comfort and convenience features continues – the padded handles are thoughtfully flattened on top, for additional comfort. And they are the perfect length to tuck your bag behind you when you are holding a child on the same side. There are multiple exterior slip and side pockets (ye who also stuffeth your receipts in said pockets – I salute you!). And the brown lining avoids black hole effect while avoiding showing dirt and also coordinates well to the exterior of the bag. Inside you will find pockets galore for everything from cellphones to diapers to lipstick to bottles to hot lunch. Hot lunch? What?
You heard me. You had to suspect there would be a bonus move, a quadruple lutz thrown in for fun at the last minute, to get me so giddy. Bonus points go to this bag for designing a nifty integrated mylar compartment that keeps food or drinks either warm or cold. Without making you look like you are going to a picnic or sporting event (ice skating references aside).
Keep an eye out for these bags in a park near you. It’s only a matter of time before word gets out about their awesome performance. Born out of Necessity bags are available in numerous luxurious leather combos (I love the tangerine and aqua or the blue and brown best!) and two sizes, original and mini. I tested the mini, which was more than adequate for our needs. If I ever have twins,however, I’m getting the original size.
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  1. Love these bags, but how do I find the "mini"? I can only find the regular size on the website.

  2. Audrey Stone says

    Hi! A woman in my daughter's "Music Together" class came in carrying this awesome tote! Everyone asked her where she got it, etc. It was gorgeous and didn't even look like a normal diaper bag. She told us she got it at the Christmas Affair here in Austin this past November. I must have missed that booth, but I'm ordering one today!
    Audrey Stone
    Austin, Texas

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