motherhood My Facebook status this weekend read: About to watch Motherhood. Will be interesting to see how Hollywood depicts my life in a movie.

Little did I know just how much of my life I was about to see. Uma Thurman is Eliza, a mom to 2 kids, a dog, and, at times, her sometimes scatterbrained husband, played by Anthony Edwards, in Greenwhich Village. What you realize within the first few minutes is that Eliza isn’t just a mom, she’s a Mom Blogger. (Have to mention that the movie was completely stolen by Minnie Driver who portrayed an amazing divorced, very pregnant Mama.)

Motherhood traces Eliza’s ups and downs through her typical-mothering day. Always a small problem abounds: like losing her parking spot or finding her child’s name misspelled on her birthday cake. While I wouldn’t call the movie hysterical, there were certainly enough parts that I could identify with that I found myself laughing, and other times tearing (how sweet when she watches her daughter on her last day being 5). Of course, like so many movies about parenthood, there are parts that seem so far-fetched and unbelieveable that I also laughed, and cried.

Motherhood was released to video yesterday and it’s 48% off at Amazon. Definitley a movie for a mom who needs a lift or a laugh, at her own (and other mom’s) expenses.

A Motherhood DVD was provided for this review.


  1. Well, i have to say, i really think that the oscars is fun to watch, and i really think that hurt locker was a impressive movie to look at!

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