Standing mixers are like Oscars for your kitchen. They are meant to be left out and displayed. A sign to all those who enter your kitchen that yes, you whip fresh cream for your desserts and bake delicious bread from scratch. Or at least you could if you wanted to. I know avid home cooks who lust after them because they desperately want all the features and functions, and take-out queens who crave one on the counter just for eye-candy. Either way, the Kenmore Elite 5 qt. Standing Mixer will not disappoint this Mother’s Day.

Features on the Kenmore Elite Standing Mixer you/your mother/mom-in-law will appreciate:

Work light: I looked around and I’m pretty sure that this is the only standing mixer on the market that includes an LED mixing bowl work light so you can actually see what you’re making. This comes in especially handy when you’re trying to make frosting at 2 in the morning without turning on the kitchen lights and waking the rest of your house. C’mon, you know you’ve wanted to.

Multiple mixing bowls: How many recipes have you blend these dry ingredients and the mix those wet ones? Or make this batter and then whip this topping? No problem for the Kenmore Elite which comes with TWO stainless steel mixing bowls in 3-qt. and 5-qt. to keep you blending, whipping, mixing, making and baking….without stopping to wash bowls.

Included accessories…and easy ability to add more: The Kenmore Elite Standing Mixer comes with three attachments – a wire whisk, flat beater and dough hook. Pretty standard. But unlike some of the competition, the Kenmore Elite hub works with the optional accessories offered by the leading brands.

Price: Right now you can pick up the Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer for under $170. That’s a lot less than the competition. And almost as good as the frosting this baby whips up. Almost.

And how does it work? Divine. Scrambled eggs mixed. Frosting blended. Whipped cream whipped. Cinnamon bread dough kneaded.

It kept my hands free for other tasks, my ingredients in the bowl (unlike my hand mixer) and my counters looking spectacular.

Visit for more details and to purchase or visit your local Sears to pick one up in person.

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