Close your eyes and picture this Mother’s Day plan: You are awoken in bed by the delivery of a steaming cappuccino made with fresh ground coffee beans and the delicious smells of baked french toast, fresh strawberries and a batch of homemade peach syrup. After eating a hot breakfast in peace and quiet with only the birds and sunshine to keep you company, you enjoy a hot shower where the curtain stays closed the entire time and no one asks you where their socks are or informs you that the baby got into the dog food….again. Once dressed, you are whisked off to a morning of spa treatments and relaxation before returning home to enjoy a light lunch of a salad topped with poppy seed dressing, fresh gazpacho, and toasted whole wheat bread with your choice of hummus, tapenade, or almond butter.  Oh, and a midday strawberry daiquiri. After an afternoon nap and sunset walk on the beach with loved ones, you return home to enjoy a collection of fondue appetizers –  roasted garlic and leek fondue and smoked cheddar and tomato fondue to be exact – followed by a steaming bowl of pasta with fresh marinara sauce. To end the evening, you are brought a slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and a scoop of caramel cashew ice cream before you drift off to blissful sleep without doing a single dish….

A dream? Perhaps that all those delectable delights would be brought to you, but with the Blendtec Countertop Blender by K-TEC you can make all of the bold items above in addition to hundreds more. People, this is no ordinary blender. I’ve been trying out of Blendtec for the last week and want to share why the Blendtec can blend circles around the competition. And why this post wouldn’t be a bad one to Tweet or share on your Facebook page for passing in-laws and loved ones to happen to see….(just click one of the Share Buttons at the bottom of this post).

1. Clutter-Reducer: It’s springtime and I’m sure you’ve been doing some cleaning (or at least thinking about doing some cleaning which definitely counts as a half-step). If you’re like a lot of mothers I know, your kitchen is full of appliances, gizmos and gadgets. Some you may use all the time while others like that bread maker you put on your wedding registry or that ice cream maker your mother-in-law got you last Christmas may be gathering dust in the back corners of a cabinet. The Blendtec blender can take the place of a hand mixer, coffee grinder, ice cream maker, bread maker, juicer, food processor, grain grinder and of course, your regular blender. That’s 8 appliances in 1! Think of what you could do with all that cabinet space!

2. Versatile: With one appliance you can make just about an entire day’s worth of meals. Smoothies and pancake batter you might expect from a blender. But ice cream in seconds? Grinding wheat berries to make your own fresh-ground whole wheat flour? Or rice flour? Or oat flour? Soups? And not just cold soups. The Blendtec motor goes so fast, you can actually heat the soup in the blender. In the last week I’ve made almond butter, blueberry muffins, smoothies, hummus, applesauce, gazpacho, cookies and cream ice cream, fresh carrot juice, whipped cream, salsa, pesto, shrimp bisque, carrot cake and strawberry jam. Just. With. The. Blender. And the included 200+ page recipe book complete with tons of optional substitutions and nutritional info for each will keep me inspired – and full – for weeks.

3. Easy to Use: K-TEC worked with a collection of chefs and engineers to create specific speed cycles to perfectly blend your food. My last blender had buttons like “Mix”, “Blend” and “Chop” which always baffled me a bit – do I want to mix my smoothie or blend it? The Blendtec has buttons like “Fondue”, “Ice Cream” and “Batter” that independently speed up and slow down during the cycle to make sure all your ingredients are incorporated. For example the “Smoothie” button changes between eight different speeds during the 25 second cycle to ensure that every last frozen strawberry, mango chunk or orange slice has been melded into a uniform consistency. The “Fondue” button uses three speeds during a 90 second cycle. Prefer to make your own cycle? The Blendtec also has a Pulse button as well as Speed Up and Speed Down arrows for you to choose your desired blending speed.

4. Easy to Clean: My previous blender had a four-pronged blade that was sharp and had some prongs pointed up and some down making it difficult to get all the contents out and tricky to clean. Cleaning meant taking the entire blender apart into its four pieces (plus two more for the lid), washing, drying and reassembling. The Blendtec has a dull, two-pronged blade and stays together as one unit. Washing consists of adding warm, soapy water, blending for five seconds and rinsing it clean. Done. Plus it’s top-rack dishwasher safe.

5. Counter-Friendly: The Blendtec comes in white, red, coffee and black allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen decor. Plus, at only 15.5 inches tall, it fits under most top cabinets making it convenient – and attractive – to leave out on your counter.

Granted, at $399 the Blendtec isn’t cheap (you can also pay in three installments), but keep in mind that it can take the place of eight different appliances. Plus anything that can puree carrots for baby, make milkshakes for junior, whip up a bisque for the hubby and a pina colada for you – well, the Blendtec is really a gift for the whole family. Pick one up for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other day. Visit to purchase, to check out some recipes from the book or to watch a handful of videos that show the blender in action.


Note: Company sent a sample of the product for this review.


  1. Thanks for that. My son has a terrible aversion to eating fruit for some reason, so I made the fruit into smoothies for him and then he loves it! I also found some great smoothie recipe here and thought I’d share – lots of other great ideas there.

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