DSC00310.jpgWhen I recently received my bag from Snaptotes my mom and mother-in-law practically wrestled me over it. Okay, so maybe it was more of a sly, “Wow, isn’t that lovely?” “Why yes, it is. I would love something like that” while they looked longingly at my tote. But still, the twinkle in their eyes made me realize I had procured a truly coveted creation.
Well, frankly who could blame them? It is a one of a kind, custom made bag with a picture of our favorite kids on it—mine (which I can only say confidently right now since my kids are the only grandkids so far). And it’s all thanks to Snaptotes. Snaptotes offers a wide array of bags, from everyday to diaper to messenger bags. And all are just waiting to be transformed into your own one-of-a-kind creation. All you need is a picture and they do the rest.
4519.jpgThe result is a finely constructed bag that doubles as the perfect conversation piece. I’ve already had two requests for the bag and I’m sure to have many more. Plus, there are tons of options. Want sepia? Done. Want your bumpkins picture tiled across the bag? No prob. How about one showcasing little Charlie’s art work he made at preschool? That’s right, they do that too.
Order by May 1st to make sure your bag arrives in time for Mother’s day. Oh and may I suggest emailing this review along with a photo of your choice to your hubby or significant other. Hint, hint fellas!

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