I spend at least two to three hours a day in my car, taking my kids to their schools, their dance lessons, brownies, lacrosse practice, Hebrew school, etc. I also work from home, mostly on my computer. Over the years I have become familiar with which parking lots and coffee spots have free (or paid in a pinch) wifi. I’m expert at stitching together a patchwork quilt of connectivity, here, there and everywhere. But my quilt has holes. Which means, when I need a reliable connection, I gotta go home. Going home eats time. By the time I get there and log on, it seems like I have to rush right back out and on to the next thing. Which is why, for years, I have cried to the heavens “Why can’t my car have wifi?!!”
Like a scene out of a cheezy sitcom, Autonet Mobile seems to have dropped from the sky, providing a realistic and reasonable solution to my connectivity issues. It’s not just about work either. When I cannot find my way to a birthday party, when I need to check the class email to see if I signed up for fruit or juice, when I want to know what time a store closes, or if they carry the brand shoes I am looking for, it is Autonet Mobile to the rescue! If I did not already have it, I’d definitely put it at the top of my mother’s day list.
Continue reading for additional info – some entertaining video of my kids using Autonet in the car and coupon for readers in the LA area.

Autonet mobile changes everything. It goes wherever I go, providing easy reliable internet access, turning my car into a roaming hotspot. Which means I can park the car, save the gas and take the time back. Perfect Example: It takes ten minutes each way between my kid’s dance studio and home. In the past I gave up on getting much done during this time period. I dropped the girls off, raced home to work for half an hour and raced back to pick them up. Not only am I saving 20-30 minutes of drive time now, but I’m spending the time sitting on a sunny park bench, relaxed and productive. Autonet not only works in my car – the signal works for 150 feet around the car as well. Suddenly I can blog at the beach, stream photos from the park and twitter from the sportsfield.
If only we’d had Autonet on our Blogging Roadtrip last summer! I can’t wait for this summer’s journey, I’m so excited that connectivity is not going to be an issue this year. Entertaining the kids will be easier too. Having Autonet practically replaces all your other in-car Navigation and Entertainment needs. On a recent driving daycation my daughters spent the trip watching Taylor Swift videos on You Tube, playing Webkinz and chatting on Facebook. Even my 4yr old was happy to play PBS kids games in the far back of the car. Quietly!

Later on in the trip my kids caught up on recent episodes of their favorite shows. Autonet wifi also saved the day for us when we could not find a specific grocery market on our car’s built in Navigation System. We simply logged on to Google and had the address within moments.
Autonet is about $399. The monthly subscription rate is $29. You can buy Autonet online from several retailers or purchase one at BestBuy if you live in the LA area.
Want to save $100? If you live in LA you are in luck. Here’s a coupon you can use at BestBuy. It’s good thru May 31st


I cannot help but feel like the future is here with wifi in my car. It’s the sort of thing I would have sighed wistfully about only a few short years ago, saying “if only…”.


  1. OMG! This product is awesome. I’ve never heard of it before. I’m definitely going to have to research it some more to see if it is something worth investing in. Thanks for sharing this product with us!

  2. Ok ive made my decision, im subscribing, this is awesome, keep it comin.

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