earthmoving.jpg Planning a move anytime soon? Wondering where you will get your boxes and your packing materials? Or how you will dispose of them after you are done?
Ever think about what all those cardboard boxes are doing to the enviroment? And your wallet?! At an average cost of 3 bucks a box, moving is not cheap. And what a waste, that all that money is literally ending up in a landfill! I used to sigh and do my best, free-cycling boxes via the yahoogroups freecycle lists and hitting up local markets for their discards, but in the back of my head I thought, there has to be a better way.
And now there is. At least in Southern California. Thanks to Earth Friendly Moving, inventor of the Reco Pack.
The Reco Pack is a brilliant and simple invention. Its a plastic tote, made from some of the worst types of consumer waste – plastic household chemical containers (such as bleach and detergent).
For a buck a “box” (tote) a week, Earth Friendly Moving delivers the totes to you.They come in several sizes so you can choose the size you need. After you move, they pick them up. They offer several companion products as well, such as recycled paper rolls and pressed “peanuts” made from starch and paper, that can be used in the garden. Supplies are delivered on pallets made out of… get this… recycled poopy diapers! Yep. They call em “poopy pallets”. Don’t worry, the diapers are completely sanitized and processed. The fibers are extracted and bound together in a plastic medium, and molded into the pallets. The pallets then last up to 30 yrs.
The nice thing about Reco packs and the other supplies that Earth Friendly Moving deliver is that it is a two pronged solution. The materials for the supplies you need are mined from landfills – making use of destructive waste. And you are now also not adding to landfills with your moving box waste. So every household who chooses to move this way is making a truly significant contribution to the earth’s wellness. In fact the average move with Reco Pack supplies, using 100 totes, saves 256 lbs of trash from a landfill. This also equals saving 3 trees, 64 lbs of toxic carbon dioxide emissions/pollution, and removes 83 lbs of paper, 600 poopy diapers, and 7400 of the really really bad type of plastic containers. Go on and pat yourself on the back you eco warrior you!
Earth Friendly Moving is hoping to expand all over the US in the next five yrs. So no matter where you live, think about calling them the next time you plan a move. Not only will you save vast amounts of money on landfill clogging boxes, you will be part of an elegant, tree and earth saving solution, rather than part of the problem. And your neighbors will truly be green with envy when you have no boxes to dispose of!

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