Image and video hosting by TinyPic I recently attended a screening of Life As We Know It”.  It stars Katherine Heigl as Holly Berenson, a cafe owner, and Josh Duhamel, as Eric Messer, a network sports technical director. The two singles are set up on a disastrous blind date by their best friends, Alison and Peter. The date goes so badly that they don’t even leave the front of Holly’s apartment! After that, the movie shows their mutual dislike, during Alison’s and Peter’s wedding and as they adore Alison and Peter’s daughter Sophie (they’re her godparents). After a tragic accident, they become the only people Sophie has in the world. They have to put their differences aside and learn how to co- parent Sophie. It doesn’t go smoothly and you see them struggle to juggle everything and figure everything out — just like regular parents. Eventually they learn how to get along and eventually fall for each other. While we knew that was going to happen (they are both gorgeous) and the trailer’s giving that away anyway —  I laughed, I cried and really liked the movie.

The movie did raise a good point — who would you trust to take care of your child if you and your spouse passed away?  The parents were smart enough to have a will and guardianship set up, though they should have let Holly and Messer in on that.
Melissa McCarthy of “Gilmore Girls”, “Samantha Who” and “Mike and Molly” plays one of the quirky neighbors and is hysterical! As a parent, I did cringe at some things — ie. the baby is forward facing in her car seat as she turns one. While I’m sure it was for filming purposes, it’s recommended you keep your child rear-facing up to age 2 now. When Eric and Holly take the baby (she’s around 15 months at that point) for a drive to get her to sleep – you see Holly buckling her in as they took off, which is a no no — hello, her parents died in a car crash! The house also had a lot of little steps around the den, which could be dangerous for a crawing baby- though you see Messer putting up a gate when Sophie starts walking. Nitpicking aside, I recommend the movie — bring your girlfriends (so you can drool over Josh Duhamel)!

I attended a complimentary screening of this movie and received a gift card from Mom Central as a thank you for my time.


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