The Game Plan
High-living Boston Rebels quarterback Joe Kingman finds his world turned upside-down when seven-year-old Peyton Kelly shows up at his door and announces she is his child from a brief early marriage and needs a place to stay while her mother is away on business. Joe never knew about Peyton, and her mom doesn’t know that Peyton has gone to find Joe. For the next month, Joe is suddenly burdened with unfamiliar parental responsibilities like ballet class and homework, while also getting to know his daughter. As he tries to lead his team to a championship season, Joe tries navigating between macho man and girly-girl customs. Plenty of bonus features are included in this hilarious and heartwarming family comedy!
HannahMontanaOneInAMillionDVDBoxart.jpgHannah Montana: One In A Million
If your child is anything like mine, then they will be thrilled to watch their favorite pop princess in this movie that was just released today. Hannah Montana finds herself in some hilariously unexpected situations that offer her once in a lifetime opportunities. The movie features four episodes from the Disney original series. In addition, there is a special episode starring the Jonas Brothers! Included are special bonus features and behind the scenes footage. Join Hannah and her wonderfully funny family and friends for laughs, (mis)adventures and cool, hip music. Makes a great Valentine’s Day gift!
Twitches Too
The sequel to Twitches where twins, who were separated at birth, were kept unaware of each other and their magical powers until their 21st birthday when they first meet. The girls focus on harnessing their magical powers, getting to know each other and reuniting with their birth mother, who is a powerful witch. When a shadowy underworld presence seeks to destroy them, their family and their world, Alex and Camryn have to learn to combine their strengths to ward off complete disaster. A great movie that has plenty of fun, magic and suspense!

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