Man, sometimes I see the latest on the baby and toddler market and all I can think is, where were these awesome products when my oldest was young?  Because we certainly didn’t have the option for anything nearly as cool as Munchkin’s latest – the new Click Lock cups.

Because kids spill, and because I’m sure you’d prefer to keep the juice in your child’s sippy cup and not all over your minivan, you’ve got to check out these Click Lock cups.  It’s probably pretty obvious what they do based on the name (click and lock.  Duh.), but here’s what I like – the SOUND that you hear when the cap is locked.  That click is what’s ingenious about this product.  How many times have you screwed on the lid to the sippy cup only to have your toddler turn it over and juice come pouring out the side because you didn’t align the top perfectly?  I know I’m guilty of having done this a ton.

Munchkin’s new Click Lock cups will alleviate this issue as you’ll know it’s only sealed once you hear the click.  Also great?  It comes in a ton of fun patterns and design selections sure to please any toddler.

Use the store locator to find your nearest store that carries the Munchkin Click Lock cup (my local stores include Rite Aid, Kmart, Target and CVS) and find out more on Munchkin’s website.

Disclaimer:  Samples of the new Click Lock cups were provided to facilitate this review.

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