whatride The latest CD to spin in our car player, What a Ride by Eric Herman and the Invisible Band is, as my 4 year old says, much fun. With an independent sound, the music is a reflection of music we listened to in college. I can totally see dancing it out in a preschool room to Come Play! and Ants in Your Pants, and I love singing along with How Big. My son’s favorite: Stink Bug.

We’re also enjoying Putumayo Kid’s Picnic Playground, any food-lover who listens will be sure to say this is “her kinda music” as its a souppot of multicultural songs and beats celebrating food, family and fun.

Speaking of food, another CD we’re enjoying is Best of the Bowl, Ingles y Espanol by Hot Peas and Butter. This bilingual CD makes you want to get up and dance to the Latin beat as they mix the Spanish and English.

On a recent roadtrip coming home from an amusement park, the husband asked if I had any baby-appropriate music for our little one. As in, to lull her (and maybe her brothers) to calmness. Wasn’t he surprised when I popped in RockaBye Baby!’s Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith. We sang along as the kids relaxed and calmed. From Don’t Want to Miss a Thing to Walk This Way, this is a fun sleeper. Want to gift a RockaBye Baby CD but you don’t know which one to gift? Now available on  the RockaBye Baby Music website: a Digital Download Card where the giftee can any one CD as an MP3 download. The packaging is perfect. I received mine today and opened it without reading, wondering where the CD was? Once I read the gift I was so excited to get to select my own music this time!

bravewitch Last year we hosted a Halloween Party for several of the kids’ friends. We played games, read stories and enjoyed pizza, all before Trick or Treating. But how much did we need a movie? Planning to host this year? Get a copy of A Very Brave Witch … and more Halloween Stories. In addition to A Very Brave Witch, watch animated 7 other Halloween books including A Dark, Dark Tale. Narrators include Sherry Stringfield and Elle Fanning.

Another Scholastic Storybook Treasures production, the Scholastic Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories will help you and your kids calm for bed nightly. This collection of 4 DVDs includes 28 animated bedtime favorites including Goodnight Gorilla and Harold and the Purple Crayon. A whole month’s worth of bedtime stories!


  1. Be active with the program before, during and after viewing. Do hands-on activities. Ask questions; role play; introduce or extend the program by reading a book. Create art projects by drawing, painting or making books. Encourage participation: dance, move to the music, talk back to the screen and its characters. Visit museums, neighborhood stores and parks.

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