If you’re looking to pick up something different from your next book, I highly recommend Born a Crime, a non-fiction collection of stories from Trevor Noah. One of the ladies in my book club selected this for her pick for the month of September. If you aren’t familiar (I wasn’t), Trevor Noah is currently the host of the Daily Show, a tv show on Comedy Central. I barely even knew his name but certainly know about him now.

He was raised in South Africa during apartheid. He was born to a black mother and a white (Swiss) father, which literally made him a crime just by being as races weren’t allowed to mingle at the time. His parents had to hide the fact that his father was white, as well as sometimes hiding that his mother (darker-skinned than he is) was actually his mother.

Trevor is just a beautiful storyteller. He grows up in a poor, racist South Africa but his story is told with wit, humor and depth. It’s just a beautiful read and it gives the reader a little window into what life in South Africa was like during and after apartheid from a personal perspective that really helped me to understand and appreciate what happened there. If you’re looking for something different to pick up, check outBorn a Crimefor sure. It’s a quick read too.

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