gymbo 2 weeks goes too fast. It really does. I’m trying so hard to treasure every second with little A because I can’t get enough of her babyhood. And its the little things that slip away. Like her sagging skin that’s filling out, and her itty bitty fingernails that already aren’t as itty bitty.

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile: We replaced the old (Symphony-in-Motion) with the new Island theme. Compared to the mobile from 6 years ago, there is now a jungle theme, one more song (totalling 4), and a nightlight. Still has those wacky animal friends (which my almost 6-year-old tells me he doesn’t remember, but he sure did love them). And, most important, it totally entertains the baby (and the big kids, too).

As much as I hoped it wouldn’t happen, I’m not yet fitting into my old clothing. That, and the fact that I need easy to breastfeed tops, took me to the mall and Ann Taylor Loft this week. SCORE! Even if you aren’t searching for breastfeeding clothes, run run run to the store (or just click over) because they have so much on sale at WAY low prices. I picked up 3 pairs of pants for less than $30. And for those of you needing easy access tops, they have dozens of styles and colors of tops with elastic necklines for really easy breastfeeding. With prices starting at $4.88. Yup.  $4.88.  (The prices are much better in store than online, so this one is worth the trip, even with the kids in tow.)

I have a lot of samples of diaper rash cream. Many natural. Some medical. Some sweet smelling, others perfume free. And while I’m quick to grab whatever is nearby when needed, I’ll tell you that my favorite is Calendula Cream by California Baby. Its scent is refreshing and light–like a sprig of mint. It goes on as a slick cream, so I don’t feel like I’m hurting her rubbing it in, but just spread it on the skin. Of course, the most important part, it seems to be keeping the red-bum away.

When A was only 4 days old, I went a little crazy at Gymboree. A friend had sent me a 20% off coupon and I knew I just had to use it, especially because I wasn’t allowed to drive (or do much of anything else, really). But I felt the urge to shop girl, so this coupon was exactly what I needed. I purchased a bunch of too-cute clothing for her, including this dress and diaper cover that she’s wearing today. Honestly, for the boys, I was pretty much a take-or-leave-it Gymbo shopper. But with a girl, I’m suddenly collecting Gymbucks. And, um, I have collected quite a few in 2 weeks!

Finally, in a previous post a Mommy with Style asked which changing pad I’m using. We’ve hardly left the house, and the little we have we haven’t had a need for a pad. But I’ll keep your question in mind and when I do find a pad I’m loving, I’ll be sure to review it.


  1. What a lovely red dress, I can understand you couldn’t resist!

  2. that’s so funny b/c it looks pink to me on my monitor. either way, so cute! 😀

  3. Its more red than pink. Its called “strawberry.” Looked like a deep reddish pink on my monitor, too. I was surprised when it arrived, but the dress is still adoreable

  4. Thanks for the tip on Ann Taylor Loft! I made a beeline for the store and made out like a bandit. And just in time for my trip to the beach.

    Love the product reviews. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Yay! Glad I helped you to find a great buy!! I’m wearing one of my many ATL bargains today. 🙂

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