Just had to share some photos from our crazy weekend.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to Nate having way too many kids over for his 8th birthday party.  This was definitely his last “big” party from here on out.  (You hear me saying it people?  I mean it!  Really!)

Normally I’ve never agree to something like this but after seeing this animal lady last year at my friend Colleen’s house, it’s all Nate has wanted for his own birthday party.  A local woman actually owns all of these exotic pets.  She travels to people’s houses and performs for birthday parties and school shows and the kids were enthralled.  She actually brought a skunk that crawled around in my house.  Yikes!  (Thankfully it’s ability to spray has been removed!)

It was the coolest show ever.  She brought everything from a tarantula to a chinchilla to snakes and a porcupine.  The kids just loved it and if anyone local wants her info, let me know!  She was fabulous.

Here’s a couple of photos, a couple are a bit blurry but you get the picture:


Nate walking around the Hissing Cockroach


Hubby gets a lick (gross!) from some sort of lizard type animal


Nate’s good friend Sophia also gets a kiss!


Nate walks around one of the ferrets while the kids get a chance to pet him


A porcupine!  In my house!  Her name is Pocahontas – cute, right?  (Nate got to keep some quills!)


Wearing one of the snakes


Uh Mom, it’s starting to squirm around?


But it’s kind of funny!


God forbid Cole miss any of the action!


Or me!  (Like the glue stick in my pocket?  I’m such a Mom!)


  1. Love the photos! So sad we missed it! And I am impressed with you wearing the snake too 🙂 xo

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