It came with me to the hospital, supported me when I held and nursed my newborn baby and has been my constant companion ever since. It even rests next to me at night, ready to ‘give a lift’ through those all too frequent nightime feeding sessions. Am I speaking of my dear hubby? A best friend or even my Mom? Oh no, this companion is even more loyal (and best of all, doesn’t have any opinions or advice.) Why, it’s my Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow, of course!
Cuddoozle (previously known as Naturally Norcott, Inc.) is where form and function meet to create fabulous products. Their range of Body Pillows, Maternity Wedges, Back Support Cushions, All-In-One Totes, and even Hooded Towels are all designed to support mothers and babies in every way.
Cuddoozle offers the “Original” Memory Foam Baby Nursing Pillow, which I feel is a must for every new Mom, whether breast or bottle feeding, due to the excellent support it offers for both baby and Mom… or Dad, or whoever is holding or feeding the baby. Trust me they’ll thank you when you share your Cuddoozle. The Patent Pending three layered Memory Foam Baby Nursing Pillow provides the ultimate in comfort and gentle support. Unlike other pillows it is ‘roomy’ and doesn’t sqeeze around the tender tummys of new Mommys. It also provides a nice level suface for baby to sit or lay while feeding or just holding, which is good because with rounded-top nursing pillows the baby can tend to roll too much into, or away from, the person feeeding him.
The icing on the cake of your Cuddoozle pillow though, is that it is naturally hypoallergenic! For extra defense, they’ve added a patent pending permanent, wipe away, breathable inner cover, which is Anti-mite, Anti-dust, Anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and waterproof. You can also flip flop the Nursing Pillow. No matter which way you wrap it around your waist, it is always the right side up. It also comes with an additional mulit purpose pillow to elevate your baby to correct breastfeeding height, to incline for reflux babies, to serve as an additional arm rest or even to use behind your back or head for support. There are carry straps on both pillows for easy toting while you’re holding baby too. Convenient little side pockets are great for storing small accessories, like pacifiers (or even your phone or remote control.) The Cuddoozle’s removable outer cover is also machine washable and comes in a varierty of cute fabrics.
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