It’s that time of year again, and I’m training for the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philadelphia! This will be my third year running it and I’m hoping the third time’s the charm in terms of the weather. April’s always so iffy here in Philly. The first year it was insanely windy but fun; last year was a miserable downpour of unhappiness, so naturally, I’ve signed up again!

I’ve been listening to the same “Hot Chocolate” mix I made in 2014 on my iPhone every time I’ve run the last few years. But recently, in an Orangetheory class, one of the girls mentioned that all the music they play at Orangetheory is via an app called Rock My Run.

My New Favorite App
It’s an app with hundreds of music mix stations and options for your listening pleasure while you workout. There’s tons of different ways you can use it including:

-finding a station based on your average heart rate beats per minute (BPM)

-letting it actually change the cadence of the music based on your BPM or your foot steps


Or, if you just want to listen and not worry about using a heart rate monitor or having it sync up with your steps, you can just listen to some awesome mixes. Which is what I’ve been doing. You can stream it live using GPS (it uses only a tiny bit of data and it doesn’t seem to drain my battery too much) or you can set up “Save Data Mode” if you’re a paid subscriber and download the songs ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it using up data at all.

The database of mixes is awesome and searchable so you can search based on your music tastes, amount of length for a mix and more.

Runners & Non-Runners Can Use
And you certainly don’t need to be a runner to use Rock My Run! It’s great for any type of workout. Or just hanging out when you want some fast-paced beats to listen to!

And one more thing to mention – there’s regular playlists and DJ Mixes. I love the DJ Mixes:each song flows into the next. There’s no stopping at all in between songs – they all sort of mesh together. Which is especially awesome when you’re out running.

Free week-long Trial to Check It Out
So there’s a free version where you can listen via GPS all day long but there are ads, plus you can’t go into Save Data Mode/download the music which may be hard if you are ever running a race and cell service is spotty. With the paid version, you can pay a monthly or annual subscription to have it ad-free and be able to download the mixes.

I found a good deal by purchasing online on – it was $24.99 for a year (it’s $39.99 a year on the app itself so if you want the deal, download the app then visit, login and you should see the $10 off deal.)

There’s a 7-day free trial when you download the free version – that’s how I tested it out and realized I had to have it. You don’t have to enter in a credit card or anything to check it out so try it out and let me know what you think. And happy running!



  1. The app store has a lot of Running Apps that helps it’s users. I feel running has taken a new dimension and there are more enthusiastic runners off late because of these apps.

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