I have a big head. We’re not talking like, oh that Whitney, she’s so full of herself with her swelled head. No, we’re talking bigger than your average bear sized head, literally.
Because of this fact, I’m always on a mission to find good workout headbands — the generic run-of-the-mill store headband just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve tried just about every brand and sweat band product they have at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods and have only found one that I’ve considered passable. They all either ride back, don’t hold enough of my hair back, or just hurt. But most of the top they pop off as I’m hopping up and down on a Step and I end up tossing them to the side mid-workout.
But last month, I got my perfect headband. I love it so much that I find myself having to hold back from wearing it when I’m not working out or at the gym.
So where does it come from? Fit2BeMom Maternity Activewear, of all places. (No, I am not pregnant.) Because besides making comfortable and cool-looking activewear for preggos, they make the perfect workout headband.
Buy one for $8. Go get one. It’s very stretchy and perfect for all. Love the colors too.
And all you pregnant types should definitely check out their other products – I can only imagine how nice the comfy pants must be after using the headband.
Upon checkout in the “where did you hear about us” option, MommieswithStyle readers can enter promo code MWS09 to receive 1 complimentary “Get Fit Kit” containing a FIT2BMOM drawstring gym bag and moisture-wicking headband on all orders placed between 3/19/09 + 4/15/09.

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