appleseedlane While I’ve tested out a lot of monthly subscription boxes and love the concept, I think this one from may be one of my favorites for the kids.  We received a sample box a couple of weeks ago from this education/science themed monthly subscription box company and my kids just loved the experiments.

Since it was October, we got a Halloween-themed Science box.  I thought I’d share a little bit about it with you guys as we all really enjoyed it!

Here’s the box it came in:


The first thing we saw when we opened the box was this card that informed us that there were 4 experiments inside. IMG_1640

The back of the card had all of the instructions printed out, each of them nice and easy for a parent to follow along with! (I’m the first to admit that I’m a little scientifically challenged so having it all laid out simply like this for me was appreciated.)


Here’s a picture of what came with the 4 experiments:


Cole decided he wanted to try out the Critter Soap first. It came with two bugs, a bag of soap blocks (for melting), a soap container (to melt the soap in) and a popsicle stick to stir the hot, melted soap.

He laid the bugs in the container upside-down here:


And then poured the hot, melted soap over the bugs in the container. (We had melted it in a bowl in the microwave.)


That went into the fridge to harden for about a half hour so we moved onto making this Frankenstein Slime Container:



Here’s the two experiments we did after we finished:


So cute, right?  Later, we also made the Slime with some blue dye and the kids loved playing with that and then putting it away in the Frankenstein container. We plan on doing the Glowing Ghost on Halloween night since he glows via a glow stick and those only last 24 hours.

Everything you need comes in the box with the exception of little things you probably already have at home – water, scissors, etc. is a monthly subscription service.  It’s $23/month for a box for one child but you can add on a sibling getting the same thing for another $9.95.  My guys were pretty happy to share but I would think the Sibling Add-On would be great if you have more than two kids.

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