It had to have been a good four months or more ago that I received a Klout Perk from Subway.  (For those of you don’t know that that is – which is probably most of you – it’s a small perk of some kind from a website called Klout which gives out product or gift certificates to influential people in social media.) There’s a Subway about 10 minutes from my house that I have to say, I probably haven’t set foot in for at least 6 or more years.

So I’ve been carrying this $10 gift card to Subway forever.  Over Christmas vacation, we were with friends and discovered a Subway in our vacation town.  Kids Meals:  a small healthy sandwich, a pack of apples and a juice box.  All inside of a recycleable lunch tote with an educational token from the Smithsonian.

HELLO?  Subway, where have you been all my kid’s childhoods?  Or rather, where have I been?  You had me at healthy lunch for my kids, especially after they loved them so much.

We are now new fans of Subway.  They have awesome deals including $5 foot-long sub deals and coupons in the paper all of the time – who knew?

Anyway, check out your local Subway for your kids.  It’s such a healthier option than so many fast food counterparts.  And be sure to check your local newspaper for coupons, we just got some out of ours and got a couple of free sandwiches!


  1. Do they also have(they used to) a card to check each time you purchase there- after so many checks you get a freebie!. .ask when you are in next. worth having!


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