As if you haven’t noticed, I’m not the most plugged in mom when it comes to playing. I’d rather run around in the grass than find an battery. And, while my kids love the wii and computer games (some hot reviews are coming soon!), I’m always searching for less directional, more open-thinking and unplugged activities for my boys.
Which is why I’m fascinated with Unplugged Play. No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure fun. With over 700 ideas for ages 12 months through 10 years, this book of fun has more ideas than you’ll do in a year.
Using mostly household items, it leads parents through games to do at birthday parties, individual activities and fun things to do with others. Some fun is simple, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?-fun. A few unplugged activities we tried out were washing the house (seriously, I gave the kids each a sponge and they were busy washing everything from the siding to the deck wood to the tables and chairs. And they keep picking up the sponges to do more!), and a crazy game of water balloons! (see? why didn’t I think of that??)
I’m a big creativity person, so the arts and crafts ideas are like a decade of a parenting magazine activities in one bound book. And I love the birthday planning sections, which provide suggested activities, party favors, even schedules.
This huge playing bible is only $11.53 at Amazon. Its one I’m planning to keep on my bookshelf for years.


  1. Thanks for providing this information. My baby likes to play with stuff that involves electronics, plugs—all the scary stuff that you can imagine.
    Things go sane when we walk out of the house and stroll around.
    I’ll go and check this out in Amazon. 😀

  2. This book is great! After reading your review I ordered it from Chapters. My problem wasn’t so much the electronics (yet), I just needed more play ideas for my toddler. It also helped me plan out large group games for a camp I’m helping run this summer. This is a must have book.

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