I just want to preface this by saying that I am not a part of any paid campaign from Barely There. Like many brands, they send me regular product to test out and try. And I’ve been reviewing them a lot because I’m seriously in love with this underwear/bra line.

I’m all about comfort. That’s just key for me and the latest shipment of bras I got from Barely There is wonderful. I got two bras from there Invisible Look – which means there’s no hidden bows or anything weird on the bra that might possibly show up when you are wearing something form fitting. (I hate that!) So I’m currently wearing the Barely There Invisible Look Underwire ($35) and it is awesome. It has some thin foam padding to give you a little lift and it’s a simple design with one clip in the back. No bows, no weird straps that I feel like I’m pulling on all day.

If you like simple, comfortable and a soft feminine design, this is your bra. Check out BarelyThere.com to see all the bras and other intimates they offer.

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