You wouldn’t quite know it, as it’s been in the 40s all week, but we did actually have a hint of spring last month here in Philly. Several 70-degree days were just enough to give me a taste of what’s to come, and to get itching to get back outside.
On one of those gorgeous days, we put together our new City Series double. I reviewed the City Series Single back in March of 2006. We’ve logged many miles on that beloved stroller – mostly beach miles, and it’s been a great stroller for us.
Now we have two kids, and I really debated what to do. My oldest is over 3, 3.5 this summer, and I wasn’t sure if he’d need a stroller. But given that we take long walks around the neighborhood and at the beach in the summer, I thought it was probably a necessity – because although he’ll walk – miles of walking is out of the question.
So it made sense we’d try the City Series double, since we loved the single so much. It’s pretty much the same as the single – all the same great features including:
-a swivel wheel (opt to lock or not)
-ample weight limit
-very easy folding
-a nice, big-sized storage basket underneath
-a bigger and better canopy with the new single and double City Series (3 levels, definitely shades baby from sun better than the old one)
-rear parking break
-adjustable handle
-pockets in the back of the stroller. (Great for cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.)
As I mentioned in my older review, the adjustable handle is great. So many strollers are a problem for us as my husband is pretty tall – he always kicks the back of the stroller because he’s hunched over to hold onto the handle of some other strollers – this isn’t an issue with the City Series as he can stand upright.
I should note – the City Series isn’t a traditional jogger – it’s an all terrain. Although I used to be a runner, I rarely get out for an actual jog these days. The City Series works just fine for short runs, brisk walks and idle walks around the neighborhood. To me, that’s the benefit – it’s suitable for many different speeds and terrains, which is great for us as a family. But it isn’t a long-distance marathon stroller, for that you’d need to look to one of their official jogging strollers.
And I’m not sure if this is a stupid thing to mention or not but here goes. I was concerned about having my sons side by side. We’re talking 38 pounds of a tall, active 3-year old next to an average-sized 5 month old. I wasn’t sure it would push smoothly given the distributed weight – well my fears were definitely unfounded as it’s not an issue at all. Not only can I not tell who is on what side, but each side reclines up or back to whatever setting you’d like – so I typically lay the baby down pretty far and my 3-year-old sits upright and it’s not an issue at all.
You can buy the City Series Double (and Single) on Let’s Go Strolling. Use coupon code MWSBJ for 5% off your order the Baby Jogger.

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