bosom button.jpgI am among the more “well endowed.” I love the look of wrap shirts and V-necks which flatter me, except when they are gaping open and offering up a bit too much cleavage. This is especially a problem because Mia loves to hold on to one side of my shirt and pull when being carried. I have tried the double sided tape but its useless when going up against my 15 month old daughter. I have tried in vain to safety pin myself in the efforts to be just a bit more modest. I have to tell you, I am very inept at this task. While I am able to cover up, a tiny silver bar joining the opening of my shirt is not so attractive. I recently discovered the Bosom Button. A fashionable pin to hold together my shirt that is not meant to be hidden. The Bosom Button is a small Swavorski crystal or pearl that you can pierce through your clothing and fasten with a clasp at the back. It can also be used to keep sarongs, wraps, etc in place.
Each Bosom Button is 8mm in diameter , retails for $12 and comes in 10 colors. You can get a set of 3 for $25. Through February 1st, Bosom Button is offering 20% of your purchase. Use code MWS07.

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