A couple of weeks ago, I was headed out for a night on the town.  I was in the car with my friends Zareen and Julie.  I had forgotten lipstick so Julie pulled out hers for me to borrow — Clinique’s Different Lipstick brand in Bronze Leaf.

I ordered myself my own stick the next week.  Totally love it – it’s a great shade and totally smooth going on.  You can get it for $14.50 and get free shipping on orders over $40 at Clinique.com.


  1. If you buy this lipstick at Sephora.com and use the coupon code SHRINK, they will send you a free Clinique Pore Refining sample!

    Or you can use the coupon code YOUTH and get a free Lancome Anti-Aging Serum sample.


  2. That’s awesome info, thanks for sharing Anne! Wish I had done that!

  3. Cameron Felts says

    so since they have discontinued Bronze Leaf do you know or have you found anything comparable?

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