dazzle.jpgMy last umbrella stroller just can not be taken out in public anymore. I used it with my son and now was using it with my daughter. It has been run over, so the wheels are not perfect and don’t always turn so well. It has a nasty black stain on the canopy that just will not come out. The time has long come for a new stroller. I was very eager to get the Silver Cross Dazzle. First of all, this is one snazzy looking umbrella stroller. Its clean lines give it a very stylish and modern look. Mine is black (to hide those future nasty stains). If you are not so in to the black the Dazzle comes in many other great colors.
The Dazzle is everything I could ask for in an umbrella stroller. It’s lightweight, has an easy fold and open, really easy to push around (can be done one-handed), and has a decent sized hidden basket. I like the little touches too, the flaps, like those on the viewing window have magnetic closes. The recline is great. It goes really far back and is so easy, smooth and quick. And its just as easy and smooth to go from recline to upright. Yes, as you can tell, I am very excited about my new stroller.
The Silver Cross Dazzle is suitable for children birth to 55 lbs. It is available in specialty stores nationwide and online at www.estella-nyc.com. The Dazzle retails for $249.

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