When a brand emails you to ask if they can sponsor you to  go to Manhattan to attend a New York Fashion Show and you’re a fashion & trend Mom blogger do you:

1) Scream

2) Play it cool

3) Freak out and think, “what will I wear?” and have a huge panic as you tear your closet apart {Related post: What to Wear to NYFW}

4) All of the above

I was pretty much a 4 and a little bit of everything played out after I found out last week that I would be attending Strut, The Fashionable Mom Show in New York City {Related post: Mommies with Style at Strut Moms in 2011} last Saturday night as a part of New York Fashion Week for Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer.  Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer was one of the sponsors and they helped to make sure all of the models were runway ready with ample product available backstage while prepping behind the scenes.

Here I am making a goofy face in front of the Vaseline Step & Repeat!:


Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is definitely a perfect moisturizer for backstage at a fashion show (or “backstage” in your own house with any Mom’s frazzled schedule!).  It sprays on quickly and lightly and only takes a few seconds to rub it on in – efficient for runway models looking for a quick skin hydration who don’t have a ton of time, right?  (Or rushing Moms!)

Here I am testing some of the product out:



 Ever been backstage at a New York Fashion Show?  It’s organized mass chaos.  There are people getting their hair done, people getting dressed, media and all sorts of folks running around doing last minute things.  The buzz in the air is just infectious though and it was really exciting to be a part of it.


Soon enough, it was time for the show!  The place was packed and a buzz with folks excited to see the latest and greatest in Mom fashion.



The kids were the best part of the show.  They were all so cute and so professional and I loved all of the casual looks they were sporting. Realistic outfits that looked comfy and looked like something one of my kids would actually wear, you know?  Sometimes you see these LOOKS come out of a New York Fashion Show and you think, okay really, who is actually going to wear that in every day life?  But all of the looks at Strut were obtainable looks for Moms and kids.


And it was so fun to see bloggy friends like Melissa Chapman from Married my Sugar Daddy walking the runway!



After the show ended, my friend Zareen and I headed to the after party with Vaseline.  We got this fun image at the photo booth when we were using the Spray & Go:

Vaseline Spray & Go After Party

Such a hoot, right? Many thanks to Vaseline for bringing me to New York. Check it out! You can get it in 3 varieties – Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Radiant. I tried all 3 and my personal fav was Aloe but all 3 are great! Perfect for a harried Mom who needs to save time in the morning.  Spray it and rub it in quickly (it literally takes seconds).  Oh and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel at all – like some lotions do.  I think it also helps that it seems to just spray on really evenly and easily.  You rub it all in and it’s done.

Disclaimer: I was paid by Vaseline to attend the Strut Moms Fashion Show in New York. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. looks like so much fun!

  2. What an awesome experience for you to have! I love it. You made a great outfit choice. I agree, the kids are the cutest! Sweet!

  3. Terrific review! You looked like you had a grand time(loved your outfit choice). The show was obviously tons of fun and a great success. I must try Vaseline Spray & Go. . . You can never go wrong with Vaseline- around for generations-so they must be doing something right.

  4. How awesome!!! I love it, you look fabulous (where did you get that dress? I want it!!)
    I agree I can totally see my daughter actually wearing those clothes, especially the denim vest and leopard pants. And Melissa is way to cool and beautiful on the runway!!

    • Thanks Sarah! It was from Banana Republic – end of this summer but I tried to find it to link to it off the site and it’s gone! Must have sold out quickly!

      Melissa was fab – she had such a fun strut going too! Some of these Moms can really bring it on the runway!!! LOL!

  5. sounds Like a great Time.. love Strut

  6. Great fun post!!

  7. I just bought it based on your review!!!! Love, love it!!! I got the Aloe Fresh and my skin feels fabulous!!! Not to mention the convenience and I think it’s economical because it goes on so evenly and you are nor overusing it like you do with creams!!! Of course, I also have the original Vaseline in my cabinet…who doesn’t? You can’t inmprove on the old Stand-by brands!!!!!

  8. Looks like you and Zareen had a terrific time!!

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