Happy day!
 They’ve finally opened up the Container Store in my local area.  I went for a blogger luncheon and visit last week to scope out the new store and all it did was inspire me to get more organized in my house.  Which is a good thing, trust me.  It’s also a good thing there are places like the Container Store that make it easy to get yourself organized as they make affordable and cool organized living options for you.

At the lunch, we were treated to an intro and background on the store from Nina from the Container Store corporate.  She told us that the Container Store’s motto is purpose before profit and that it’s very important to them to develop a community around their customer base.  They’re a corporation with a lot of spirit and you can find out more about them at


We also took a tour of the store which was torturous and fun at the same time.  Torturous because the store wasn’t yet open for business so I couldn’t buy any of the items I saw and wanted!  And fun because I’m inspired and want to now buy half the store once I get back there.

Every hallway we turned down had something I wanted like these colored Amac boxes.  The possibilities with these are totally endless.  Nina, our Container Store rep gave us a bunch of different ideas including party favors for an outdoor party – someone used these to put all the makings of Smores inside a box.  These would be great for wedding favors, storage of jewelry, office goods and so much more.  As you can see they come in tons of different shapes and sizes and the prices vary from 49 cents to $3.49 depending on the size of the box:


I love these Flexible Shower Totes ($9.99) for my boys bathroom:


Also for the kids’ bathroom, I adore this Grassy Toothbrush Organizer for $8.99. I want to get one for each of my boys – we constantly have the toothbrush and toothpaste all over the counter, love that this holds everything up to avoid and help with toothbrush and water drips.


And then a walk down the gift wrap aisle had me drooling.  Who knew the Container Store had such a cool assortment of gift wrap goodies?  Affordable too!  I’m definitely stocking up once I get to the open store on some of these items because they’re affordable and I love the designs.


And you can’t go wrong with some of these stackable shoeboxes ($1.89 each).  I think the key I forget too is to buy something like this in bulk.  You get a discount when you buy a case of 20 and then you have 20 of the same box to stack and put away neatly – way more organized than a random box here and there which is how it goes down in our house:


I had to snap a photo of this C-Link Hanger ($9.99) which holds your purses, or scarves!


Everywhere we walked, there was something I want to do to my house.  Like this – I don’t even know what it was called but I love these low wire shelves and would love to do something like this in our downstairs hall closet.  I liked how they had sections labeled for “Mom” and “Dad” – a drop spot for your shoes!


Office products like these containers with pretty hanging folders for my office:


And HELLO, Lego Storage and Organization, something we’re in desperate need of in our house!


So I can’t wait to get back to my local store and get shopping now that it’s open.  I’m hoping for some serious inspiration for some rooms in my house (like my garage, which looks like something belonging to someone on Hoarders!).  What’s your fav item from the Container Store?

Disclaimer: I was given a small gift card as for attending the luncheon and touring the store.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I’m jealous!!! Wish there was a Container store near me!!! So many nifty products!!!

  2. I love the Container Store. I could spend hours!

  3. I cannot wait to visit! hated to miss the event. I could spend my life in there. 🙂

  4. Oh I love container store but haven’t been in a while because I end up spending so much money there. Not because of their prices but because they have EVERYTHING I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED!!! Now you post has just made a mini list in my head. Those toothbrush, lego and shoe holders all need to be mine!

  5. I’m surprised you could narrow your list down to one blog post. LOL I want all the things at The Container Store. What a fun blogger lunch.

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