You may not have heard of MyKozy carseat covers, but as a new parent, it is inevitable you will wish you had! Picture this:
It’s a new-parent moment chock full of anxiety. You are out and about when a stranger approaches. Perhaps your new little one has just finally drifted off to sleep. Or maybe the baby has just gotten over a cold.
mykozy2.jpg Then along comes a finger waggling toddler, or a well meaning granny-wannabe with a little pinch she simply cannot repress. Before you know it, before you can prevent it from happening, there is stranger-flesh making contact with your innocent baby’s face! Sure they mean well, but let’s be honest – who knows when this stranger last washed their hands? And since (in my experience) 90% of these stranger encounters occur at preschools and supermarkets (environments rife with icky germs) being a little skittish is only natural. In fact it is enough to make you feel as paranoid as a paparazzi-spooked celeb.
This all too common issue has led many a parent to drape a blanket over the carseat. We all know that the blanket is a virtual sheild that means “hands off!” It instantly conveys the message that this baby is off limits to the general public. Unfortunately the baby kicks and the wind doesn’t always cooperate and those draped blankets tend to slip and land on the dirty ground, leaving you back at square one.
mykozy.jpgThis scenario is just what led mompreneur Cindy Yang Nguyen to invent the MyKozy line of carseat covers. The brilliance in this universal fit carseat cover is that it has it’s own protective blanket/shield attached. So no worries about your protective baby shield failing you. It stays in place as long as you need it to, and folds away when you don’t want it there anymore.
All the carseat covers from MyKozy are made from high quality designer cotton fabrics, and you get two looks for one price as they are reversible. The covers also work hard to protect your carseat from spills and unfortunate diaper incidents. They are easily removed and are machine washable. Matching toddler carseat covers (without attached blanket) are also available.
I wish that there was as easy a way to shield all my children, of all ages, from germs and prying strangers. In the meantime, I am looking forward to using a MyKozy carseat cover for my new little one. MWS members save 15% on your carseat cover when you use the code MWS15.

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