One year. That’s how long my son’s been wearing sweat pants or sweat shorts. In fact, it’s actually been 13 months now that he’s been potty trained even though it feels like an eternity ago. We had a very nice potty training experience – he had just turned 3 and it took us one weekend. The caveat and lasting-effect from the whole thing stemmed from that first weekend though – he would be so upset if he missed making it to the potty – most of the time was those first few attempts, wearing a pair of jeans and not “getting it” yet.
That weekend we put him in sweat pants because he could get them on and off much more easily than pants with a button and a zipper… and well, it stuck. After he was fully potty trained he refused to go back to non-sweat pants — as he calls them, “comfy pants.” (Who can blame him? I’d love to sit around in “comfy pants” all day too.)
Lately I’ve been wanting to put him in jeans and nicer pants. I finally convinced him to put a pair of jeans on – the way I did it? With a Myself Belt. He was just so excited at being a big boy and wearing a belt like Mommy and Daddy that this is what finally convinced him. Which I have to say, has been great. He’s loved wearing his Airplane Myself Belt and is proud to show it to anyone who will listen.
Even better, Myself Belts are just cool products. They’re belts for kids that come on and off with a pull – they secure via velcro so it’s very easy on a trip to the potty. Plus, they’re just cute. Use coupon code STYLE for 10% off your order on the Myself Belts website, expires March 31, 2008.

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