My kids love I Spy games and books.  And seek and find books.  And those hidden picture games in Highlights Magazine.  They just get such a thrill out of having to look for something hidden in a bigger picture.

So I knew that Mystery Case Files – the Malgrave Incident ($26.99 with free shipping at Amazon) would be right up their alley.  I should note that there is reading involved so my 4-year-old needs help with this game but it’s great for my 7 year old. 

Using the Wii remote, the gamer is tasked to find objects in a room all while solving the bigger mystery.  You can play single player or multi player and verse people while you race to find the tasked object.  This game is addicting and a great one for anyone who loves seek and find games.

Disclaimer:  Thanks to Nintendo for sending me a sample game to facilitate this review.


  1. terrific- a game the kids will love AND promote learning(having ) to read at the same time- a winning combination, I’d say.

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