I wanted to show you what using Nailtique has done for my nails. It’s been 8 days since I did my own nails. I put this cream colored nail polish on LAST Tuesday when I posted this review.

I did a layer of the Nailtique before and after I put the nail polish on. Obviously I need to remove it but I am impressed with the fact that it has only JUST started chipping in the last day or two. I thought that was pretty amazinggiven the fact that the last professional manicure I had done started chipping after only two days. (Not going back there!)


Also note that they sent me Nailtique Formula 1 even thought I had ordered 2. I was in a hurry to head off to Florida so I decided I would try this formula and I’m liking it.


  1. Keeping your polish from chipping with Nailtiques was a pleasant surprise for me too. But Nailtiques really
    strengthens your nails and makes them grow longer. I am a classic case. Never had nice nails until I started using Nailtiques years ago. I started with formula 1 but moved to 2 and have stayed there. There is a 3 as well which I never tried. Great product but hard to find in stores.

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